Top 5 online slots with the best bonus rounds

Top 5 online slots with the best bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are probably the best part of video slots for many players. There’s no doubt about it. When we play slots, we’re actually always looking forward to a bonus round, as they report bigger wins, plus how exciting it is.

There are several types of bonuses available, such as pick and win, spin the wheel or the free spins that are activated when you get three equal symbols on the reels.

There are many online slots competing for your attention, so of course you’ll find some that take entertainment to a whole new level with exciting bonus features.

Let’s dig a little deeper to highlight some of the online slots that take the prize.

Mega Fortune Dreams: bonus wheel

It was impossible to make a list without including Mega Fortune Dreams. Although the bonus wheels go back to a time before Mega Fortune, this slot has managed to improve them and make them level up.

This wheel will cause you to rub your hands of pleasure almost literally, as it has several levels and that means there are many cash prizes and progressive jackpots in play.

You turn the wheel and where the arrow falls, you will continue to the next level. Get to the center to get your hands on an incredible jackpot.

Hall of Gods: pick and choose

NetEnt has created some noteworthy jackpot games, including the Hall of Gods. This online slot takes you back to a time when Odin, Thor and Loki were in fashion.

Thor’s hammer serves as a very important symbol in this game and is especially useful during the bonus round. You’ll have to use Thor’s hammer to break shields in search of cash prizes.

Although you have to choose the right shields to find a prize, there is also the possibility that you can break a shield that used to hide a progressive jackpot.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Hall of Gods has made many players millionaires over the years, so if you manage to find the jackpot on this slot machine, your life could turn upside down in an instant.

Mega Moolah: bonus wheel

Mega Moolah has a bonus wheel, like Mega Fortune Dreams. Although this online slot may seem a bit old-fashioned, the jackpots you opt for are fantastic.

Mega Moolah doesn’t consist of multiple levels, so the bonus wheel is pretty simple. You only have one, but there are 4 progressive jackpots in play, including the mini and mega.

Get a megabyte and you won’t stop laughing while you go to the bank to enter your winnings. As with previous slots, Mega Moolah has the potential to turn your life upside down.

Gonzo’s Quest: avalanche reels

When NetEnt first launched this slot machine, it didn’t take long for it to gain attention and popularity overnight. In short, today it is considered a classic and for good reason: avalanche reels.

The main objective of avalanche reels is to potentially help unleash multiple consecutive wins with a single spin. Let’s explain it better.

You spin the reel and hit a winning combination. The symbols that make up the winning combination will disappear and will be replaced by new symbols, which could trigger another winning combination. The game continues this way until you can’t win any more.

Although this feature is no longer as unique as when it first came out, today, we like to think of Gonzo’s Quest as the pioneer of this type of slot machine. For each victory, a multiplier is added which increases to a maximum of 5 times.

Cosmic Fortune: bonus round with extraterrestrial theme

Well, this favorite is something personal, so I apologize in advance if you disagree, but Cosmic Fortune has a bonus round with all the right features.

The bonus round of this alien invasion slot is activated when 3 scatter symbols fall anywhere on the reels. This is where the excitement begins. At that point, you get ten free spins, which is another way to call the free spins. For each additional scatter symbol, you will receive another 5 free spins.

Once that round is over, there is a free spins bonus game. The balls will fall from the sky and land in the Coin Win Cup or Jackpot Collection Cup. Landing where they land, they will generate juicy coin-like winnings. If they fall out of the cups, you win nothing.

Once 3 balls fall into the Collector Cup, the pot game begins. If a ball lands in the same cup three times, you win the pot. If you really want to understand how incredible this bonus round is, you have to play.

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